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Of talent and cooking

Ha! This is a shameless post! Can’t do it on FB, I do it on wordpress.

I am a very (by very, mean very X1000000) lazy person. Well, if it is cheap enough and good enough, why cook? That was the case in Malaysia. And if it is cheap but not good enough, I will also eat out (that is how lazy I am!). I love the convenience I have. Shanghai has very (by this very, it is X100000) cheap. HAHAHA Most are edible and quite some is very delicious.

So I seldom cook when I was there then. In Brunei? Mostly for fun, then I will be cooking. My house kitchen is dead all the time unless I do something there. Most of the time, baking with the baby sisters. I know can I bake pretty well. Not top notch but, not bad hahaha…. I think I can do better if I put effort in it. But… lazy =P

And in UK, I have to cook. I live in the village and if I always eat in the hall, probably I will be bored within a month? HAHA… and it is not always nice there. Well, most of the time, it is yucky food (according to many).

I have been in UK for about 40 days. Started cooking since last week or last two week? I have done the following (sorry, no pictures – I lost the energy I had four-five years back HAHA – sign of getting old! SIGHHHH):-

1. Potato gratin (YUMS!)

2. Bacon/Raspberry sandwich

3. Chinese style chicken and mushroom

4. Aubergine (normal, without the salted fish)

5. Creamy mushroom and bacon pasta (YUMS!)

6. Cola chicken wings (X2)

7. Spicy pork stew

8. Cooked lots of stir fry vegetable or boiled vegetable (HAHA)

And maybe missed out some others. I will try to cook more of other stuff perhaps. When I feel like it =P Otherwise, bread and butter and milk AND CEREAL are good enough! =P And oh my, I only love the multi-seeded Warbuton bread (it is more expensive by double/triple but way nicer and healthier perhaps =P) And MUSHROOMS. I can just live with these few things. HAHA

Life oh life, and I think my cooking is not that bad 😉

Very shameless on her blog,

The one who is improving her cooking skills, leaps and bounds!


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Of age and energy

I do not know to sigh or to celebrate my age. My new found friends kept telling 25 is really the best year and everything starts rolling downhill thereafter, well, for them…

Thinking back to my Monash years, I was always so active and sacrifice to sleep in order to have more fun yet to do well in class. Well, obviously I did not do very well but good enough to pass by. Teehee…

Over the years (just a few years, I am not that old *haha*), I travelled a little more, set my goals a little further, try to be a little more braver… Then now I realised, I am so weak. I do not party much and prefer to stay in! Well, unless if I were to go to a new place or interesting event, I will do so. But not as persistent as when I used to.

Is this a sign of getting old?

Old or mature,

The one who is still enjoying life!

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Of Kindness and Praise

Really, people think I am nice. Perhaps it is just that they are neutral to things that they think that a little warmth that I exude is being nice. I do not like being told I am nice actually.

They will somehow give you the pressure that you can not say no. And when they think that you are nice, you are supposed to be angelic and all. Sorry, I just try to do things that I think is right and there are many chances I am wrong in many ways. And I want to have the chance to be spoilt and lazy too. So please, don’t put the pressure on me to being nice always. I definitely am not.

Just this week we decided to get shopping deliveries. We shared the shopping so that we can reduce the delivery cost. However, it all became my sole duty to get the orders done, payment made, delivery contact and to receive the delivery. In the previous post, I was celebrating about the unlimited internet and raved about the good network. But honestly, they do not work on my this campus (too kampung!) but it works well in other places. My initial idea was that I have free wifi in my room and on campus, and thus does not really require the internet. I need the internet when I travel and when I am away from my campus. So I totally forgotten that I need connectivity for calls etc in my campus so I can be contacted by deliverymen!!! GAHHHH!

I do not mind doing all the above because it is also my shopping goods and delivery. The problem is that when the problem arise for the whole process, I feel so helpless and nobody who shared the shopping is willing to solve it together with me. I feel so sad, frustrated, worried, etc… It was friends in another campus who did NOT join in the shopping order that helped me till the end with resolving the problem. I feel so grateful for the help and yet could not stop being negative about what happened to those who ordered the things with me. I understand that they are busy, but hey, I am busy too. My friends are busy too! But they finished their stuff and got back to me to help me resolve it. The others could not even say sorry I cannot help you in time for me to respond. 

I just hope that all these glitches are because of the first time we are doing it. I hope next week’s order will be smooth and easy. I definitely hope I solved the calls problem too. I really hope I will not be as negative and see better side of people next time. Well, my friends are still very nice people. Just perhaps I worried myself too much till I am so angry at being helpless.


The order was cancelled but then got back on track again. Hopefully it will be nicely delivered without more hiccups tomorrow.


Praying for smooth receipt of the groceries,

The one who is too harsh on herself and others!

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Of Studies and UK

It is nearly a month that I have been here. Ok, just three weeks. I spent the month before coming over travelling and meeting friends and even made a new one 😉

And the first week in UK was a rather relaxing one as I spent it travelling. Getting on, staying and getting off trains are tiring feats. I dislike them but then it can be a love-hate relationship? Hahaha… It makes travelling easier too even though it is tiring to catch a train and alight the train (you don’t want to miss the train or the stops!!!) HAHA… stressful! Long hours on train without internet is a torture too. Hopefully I do not have to endure those in the future with my monthly subscription of unlimited wifi (YAY).

Second week of UK was also part of the honeymoon period – International student welcome week programme. We had all international students in the main campus. Lots of free food, freebies and information overload. But then I skipped a few days to go to London to meet my aunt. And got the chance to be in a five star hotel enjoying myself. It was great to be able to bask under the warm sun in a nice room (temperature controlled) and overlooking the great view of the street. Some street, not sure what street but it is along High Street Kensington! hehe… I have pictures but too lazy to get them posted here. I am getting so lazy I should change! hahaha I wonder where the hype and energy I had during my three years degree went to!


The third week is really getting serious. Very unlike the first year when I had such a long honeymoon (thanks to A levels, it was no sweat getting things done — I said this because I have been through it =P And no, no thanks, I do not want to re-experience it, unless it is about the fun part). Starting here is so much like going to the last year of your studies! But then again, for some modules, the introduction is really boring as I did them for my degree. But I know I have to pay attention as I had two years gap years and then again, after this or next week, it will be quite in depth already!)

I look forward to more challenging stuff though! 😉 Tomorrow is my first lab session and I am looking forward to using high tech stuff =P But then again, doing Nicotiana! >< Hope I do not make a mess! =P

Life’s good,

The one who wants to cherish all opportunities ❤

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