Of Studies and UK

It is nearly a month that I have been here. Ok, just three weeks. I spent the month before coming over travelling and meeting friends and even made a new one 😉

And the first week in UK was a rather relaxing one as I spent it travelling. Getting on, staying and getting off trains are tiring feats. I dislike them but then it can be a love-hate relationship? Hahaha… It makes travelling easier too even though it is tiring to catch a train and alight the train (you don’t want to miss the train or the stops!!!) HAHA… stressful! Long hours on train without internet is a torture too. Hopefully I do not have to endure those in the future with my monthly subscription of unlimited wifi (YAY).

Second week of UK was also part of the honeymoon period – International student welcome week programme. We had all international students in the main campus. Lots of free food, freebies and information overload. But then I skipped a few days to go to London to meet my aunt. And got the chance to be in a five star hotel enjoying myself. It was great to be able to bask under the warm sun in a nice room (temperature controlled) and overlooking the great view of the street. Some street, not sure what street but it is along High Street Kensington! hehe… I have pictures but too lazy to get them posted here. I am getting so lazy I should change! hahaha I wonder where the hype and energy I had during my three years degree went to!


The third week is really getting serious. Very unlike the first year when I had such a long honeymoon (thanks to A levels, it was no sweat getting things done — I said this because I have been through it =P And no, no thanks, I do not want to re-experience it, unless it is about the fun part). Starting here is so much like going to the last year of your studies! But then again, for some modules, the introduction is really boring as I did them for my degree. But I know I have to pay attention as I had two years gap years and then again, after this or next week, it will be quite in depth already!)

I look forward to more challenging stuff though! 😉 Tomorrow is my first lab session and I am looking forward to using high tech stuff =P But then again, doing Nicotiana! >< Hope I do not make a mess! =P

Life’s good,

The one who wants to cherish all opportunities ❤


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