Of age and energy

I do not know to sigh or to celebrate my age. My new found friends kept telling 25 is really the best year and everything starts rolling downhill thereafter, well, for them…

Thinking back to my Monash years, I was always so active and sacrifice to sleep in order to have more fun yet to do well in class. Well, obviously I did not do very well but good enough to pass by. Teehee…

Over the years (just a few years, I am not that old *haha*), I travelled a little more, set my goals a little further, try to be a little more braver… Then now I realised, I am so weak. I do not party much and prefer to stay in! Well, unless if I were to go to a new place or interesting event, I will do so. But not as persistent as when I used to.

Is this a sign of getting old?

Old or mature,

The one who is still enjoying life!


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