Of talent and cooking

Ha! This is a shameless post! Can’t do it on FB, I do it on wordpress.

I am a very (by very, mean very X1000000) lazy person. Well, if it is cheap enough and good enough, why cook? That was the case in Malaysia. And if it is cheap but not good enough, I will also eat out (that is how lazy I am!). I love the convenience I have. Shanghai has very (by this very, it is X100000) cheap. HAHAHA Most are edible and quite some is very delicious.

So I seldom cook when I was there then. In Brunei? Mostly for fun, then I will be cooking. My house kitchen is dead all the time unless I do something there. Most of the time, baking with the baby sisters. I know can I bake pretty well. Not top notch but, not bad hahaha…. I think I can do better if I put effort in it. But… lazy =P

And in UK, I have to cook. I live in the village and if I always eat in the hall, probably I will be bored within a month? HAHA… and it is not always nice there. Well, most of the time, it is yucky food (according to many).

I have been in UK for about 40 days. Started cooking since last week or last two week? I have done the following (sorry, no pictures – I lost the energy I had four-five years back HAHA – sign of getting old! SIGHHHH):-

1. Potato gratin (YUMS!)

2. Bacon/Raspberry sandwich

3. Chinese style chicken and mushroom

4. Aubergine (normal, without the salted fish)

5. Creamy mushroom and bacon pasta (YUMS!)

6. Cola chicken wings (X2)

7. Spicy pork stew

8. Cooked lots of stir fry vegetable or boiled vegetable (HAHA)

And maybe missed out some others. I will try to cook more of other stuff perhaps. When I feel like it =P Otherwise, bread and butter and milk AND CEREAL are good enough! =P And oh my, I only love the multi-seeded Warbuton bread (it is more expensive by double/triple but way nicer and healthier perhaps =P) And MUSHROOMS. I can just live with these few things. HAHA

Life oh life, and I think my cooking is not that bad 😉

Very shameless on her blog,

The one who is improving her cooking skills, leaps and bounds!


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