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Of being a thrift and a spender

I don’t know.

The more I want to save, the more I spend.

I did not bring much winter clothing (well, even summer clothing). I brought some light clothing because I thought I can get bargains here. Well, I always thought I can get bargains till after I bought something, the very same thing will pop up at a cheaper price *fumes* Without fail!

I thought I can get cheap clothing from stores like Primark (well, I did not shop there =.=) Maybe I am subconsciously attracted to quality resulting in the over spending. This is bad when I think again, cause it means I have less money for travel and enjoyment. Well, it is good too to buy good quality clothing to keep myself warm. But I should have got them in Malaysia/Singapore/Brunei! With the price that I spent here, I could have gotten a truckload of good stuff.

I do not really know why I brought so much canned food, instant noodles, soup mixes and etc. Back home, I seldom have them too. I had my Maggie assam laksa last month. First time in about fifteen years? NO JOKES. Oh gosh.. I am old >< Hahaha… Oh well, I guess after that pair of Joules wellies (it is the cute and chic type Autumn 2013 line-up!!! =D Not the Bob the builder type! haha), I shall rest my pocket and spend wisely.

I think getting better quality food is justifiable especially when you enjoy it. I tried few kinds of bread and I only found one that I like. Well, at three times the price of Tesco’s. But then I buy a loaf once a fortnight? And it feels dreadful to eat the bread that you do not like! Same goes for the milk I am drinking now. I tried Poundland’s which is cheap at GBP1 but it has a weird taste. I am having a better one which I refuse to change. But if the price goes any higher, I might try Tesco’s milk. My friends have all been drinking Tesco and think it is fine. Well, one day =P

And I find the Mediterranean deli warps so good! I will re-consider buying them again =D And I bought COOKED chicken wings again =D Save time and it is easy, can be eaten cold or hot. Life of a lazy person hahaha… If I buy raw meat (there are chances I have difficulty chopping them up, refer to this — ) and I need to waste time doing that and to cook! I get some pre-cooked meat (whatever with being unhealthy =P), I save time and it will turn out to be about the same cost (maybe just slightly more expensive) and my time is definitely more expensive ><

And I got some mint sauce [I was deciding about mint jelly and mint sauce and guess what did I do? HAHA… I randomly walked up to an old woman and ask her about it. And I stick to her preference – mint sauce! =D I have yet to try it out ;-)] Thinking of how hard to get the lamb chopped into pieces. Having it with some mint sauce with aglio olio spaghetti! YUMS. That is my next project. Perhaps in two weeks’ time? Hehe

I am now wondering, what if few years down the road, I re-read my blog posts and realised I am fretting over such problems, spending a little extra on food and clothing, saving to travel etc. Will I laugh at myself? Will I be angry at myself? Hmm… I hope few years down the road, I do not have to care about these and can comfortably live a carefree life =P Being self-sufficient enough to just spend as I like ❤ *Utopia*

Then again, I am not complaining, I am living in a new city (or rather, village) HAHA… And I am enjoying a new phase of life 😉

Feeling blessed,

The one who should learn to be more thrifty!


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Of online shopping and risk

Sigh… I guess there is always a first time.

I was planning to make some Irish lamb stew. I had it once before and it was great. I love having it with its gravy and dumplings. Yums!

Looked for a recipe which asked for lamb shoulder. Well, you know in lamb stew it is in little cubes so I was expecting a thick slide of meat from Tesco when I ordered it online.

Guess what came? A BIG SLICE IT IS! =C Why the sad face? Sigh

IT IS FULL OF BONES..BIG HEAVY BONES AND FATS. I think half of it is fats and another quarter is bone =.= Sigh. 

Thank god for my flatmate. The only guy in my flat. He helped me chopped them up separating the bones from meat. I was so embarrassed to have him help me but I have no choice. My hands could not exert any energy at all. And it doesn’t help with having bad joints/arms. He even offered to help me slice the meat up! I was already so embarrassed so I did it myself. Took me more than an hour =.= 

I sincerely pray that my hands will be fine tomorrow TT Please don’t hurt =C

And with the amount of meat, I think I can eat them for a year. Four slices of pork chops lasted me two months or so (not fond of eating meat but I will crave for them at times). I don’t think I will buy any lamb meat in UK anymore. Ok, maybe just not so soon!

Feeling grateful and blessed,

The one who is always so lucky <3<3<3

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Of Kitchen and Flatmates

I am starting to enjoy staying in the halls. I feel quite cold at times, cold as in nobody talks with nobody.

I am the bubbly one who goes around annoying people so I made friends with them. In my hall, there are four China Chinese, one HK Chinese and one South African.

One of the four China Chinese, is a guy and the only guy in my flat. He is who I turn to when I cannot open my can or bottle! And also someone who is always kind enough to let me use his things. He is very funny and eats a lot. By eating a lot, I really mean a lot. His one meal is equivalent to five or perhaps six times my meal! Hahaha… He can also withstand heat — supernatural gifted to him Haha… just joking but he can really handle some really hot stuff. Like when we had some steamed rice in a metal container, he removed it with bare hands once it was cooked! Can you do that? I certainly can’t. When he is cooking, he can just pick something scorching hot from the pan and put in his mouth (no blowing or what!)

Then there are another three China Chinese girls. One of them and the guy are very close. Another is considered quite good with them too. Then there is this other one who is a bit weird but not all that bad. She is the odd one out within the China Chinese. They do not appear to talk to one another. Hmm… nonetheless I am cool with all of them =D

Then comes the HK Chinese girl. She is the only undergraduate. Actually, my hall is only reserved for postgraduates. She was quite pitiful. She could not communicate with her almost all British flatmates and see a friend in me. So I went to the CRM office and talked to them and help her get into my flat. Things were fine from then on except with her studies. She looks like she struggles a lot, and my guess would be poor basics and command of English. She is somewhat like a princess and luckily, her boyfriend is in another university near to our campus. Her boyfriend is considered a permanent resident in our hall haha… and he is super nice and tolerant.

As for the South African, she can be nice but we seldom see her around. All these while, I seen her went to shower once only =X I am not suggesting anything. I am just saying =P She took part catered package and so eats dinner in the restaurant. So we seldom see her around cooking. She will mostly be just heating up some snacks or eat salads (I guess). She does not have any cooking wares around.

Well, I do not know why I suddenly wanted to write this. Part of the procrastination process perhaps? Or maybe this will be good to look back to. My second time living in campus residence and I find this totally different. The previous time was a lot warmer as I have a great room mate (I was most probably the annoying room mate she has got =P but she is still so tolerant of me! =D), and two great housemates. The other three housemates were most probably like the South African, doesn’t really care about who stays with them but will still give a smile/nod when we meet.

I have always complaint about how dirty the kitchen is. And to my surprise, I saw a super clean kitchen this evening. I was told that the three China Chinese buddies clean them together. Well, I would guess the China Chinese use them most often. And the fourth China Chinese did help a bit when she noticed them cleaning. I was out to Bradgate Park (hence did not help =P) I think they are not that dirty afterall =D


Feeling so blessed and grateful,

The one who wish she can finish her essayS as fast as she can do blog posts =P

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Of saying things way too early

I last blogged about the hurt and sadness I felt here:

And I think I spoke too early. Perhaps it was one of his tactic to make me feel like he is an important member of the group. Well, of course he is. But then he thought he is so good we cannot lose him. Why would I want to constantly put up with someone who doesn’t catch up with the work and late?

But then again, it is not all that bad. But I have to take back my words about his pride. He now wants to be back in the game and we have to follow through with another discussion with him.

And through the subtle process of getting back into the group, he lied and said he amended a slide he sent at midnight of 1st Nov at 3am+ of 1st Nov. I never received that supposed slide and he re-sent it just only. And guess what? It was the same as the midnight one (minus the picture of the flower on the last summary page – which wasn’t his part) LOL


But I am relieved I did not hurt him. But I will agree with Mahe that he is sure a tricky person. Trying to play emotional cards with me. Tsk.

Time to get back on track,

The one who has lots of work to do these few weeks!

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Of being too much of a bitch

I really do not know. Now I feel bad too that he is sad.

We were randomly arranged to work in group for a presentation which will be graded by both our lecturers and our peers.

I was arranged to work with F and K. F has opinions but is not a pushing type, but he gets things done. K agrees with everything but doesn’t get things done. I, on the other hand, am very worried and pushing a lot to make sure things get done. If it is a group work, it is better to get things sorted early. If it is a solo work, I can do it whenever. Considering that everyone is from different place (where they stay, not nationality wise ><) and has different timetable (well, just K has a different one from us), I tried to ensure that everything goes in place as early as possible.

I have been quite mean, well being honest and straightforward can be expressed as being blunt and mean. I was basically expressing in a detailed email how I am disappointed with K and let him know to prepare well for the next meeting. I got no reply from him the whole day and to be finally told in a one sentence email from him that he will change his group to work with someone else.

I feel hurt in his one sentence; his hurt and mine too. I wanted to be honest as I do not want to begrudgingly do his work. Yet, now I feel maybe he is just slow and need more time. And maybe English is a barrier (My English is not that good too and I feel inferior talking to people with very good English, my vocabulary is lacking)? Or maybe other reasons that I am not aware of? I have never been a caring person and this instance, the same too. I wonder how will it be the next time when we meet? K is definitely a nice person, not in anyway a bad person or what. Just we do not and cannot work in the same pace.

I hope he found better members than me to compromise with. I have been a bitch and I won’t suddenly be as docile as a sheep if he won’t cooperate. But I am still ready to work with him in case he failed to change to another group. I hope he is well. He cared for his pride of course, which is a good thing. Otherwise, he can just use what I have done and present. Having his pride already showed that he did not purposely not prepare for the meeting, be late without giving notice, etc. Maybe it is also cultural differences. And these made me feel worse.

Sigh. Life o life!

Taking a step back to reflect,

The one who has to be kinder for others must be fighting a harder battle.

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