Of online shopping and risk

Sigh… I guess there is always a first time.

I was planning to make some Irish lamb stew. I had it once before and it was great. I love having it with its gravy and dumplings. Yums!

Looked for a recipe which asked for lamb shoulder. Well, you know in lamb stew it is in little cubes so I was expecting a thick slide of meat from Tesco when I ordered it online.

Guess what came? A BIG SLICE IT IS! =C Why the sad face? Sigh

IT IS FULL OF BONES..BIG HEAVY BONES AND FATS. I think half of it is fats and another quarter is bone =.= Sigh. 

Thank god for my flatmate. The only guy in my flat. He helped me chopped them up separating the bones from meat. I was so embarrassed to have him help me but I have no choice. My hands could not exert any energy at all. And it doesn’t help with having bad joints/arms. He even offered to help me slice the meat up! I was already so embarrassed so I did it myself. Took me more than an hour =.= 

I sincerely pray that my hands will be fine tomorrow TT Please don’t hurt =C

And with the amount of meat, I think I can eat them for a year. Four slices of pork chops lasted me two months or so (not fond of eating meat but I will crave for them at times). I don’t think I will buy any lamb meat in UK anymore. Ok, maybe just not so soon!

Feeling grateful and blessed,

The one who is always so lucky <3<3<3


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