Of being a thrift and a spender

I don’t know.

The more I want to save, the more I spend.

I did not bring much winter clothing (well, even summer clothing). I brought some light clothing because I thought I can get bargains here. Well, I always thought I can get bargains till after I bought something, the very same thing will pop up at a cheaper price *fumes* Without fail!

I thought I can get cheap clothing from stores like Primark (well, I did not shop there =.=) Maybe I am subconsciously attracted to quality resulting in the over spending. This is bad when I think again, cause it means I have less money for travel and enjoyment. Well, it is good too to buy good quality clothing to keep myself warm. But I should have got them in Malaysia/Singapore/Brunei! With the price that I spent here, I could have gotten a truckload of good stuff.

I do not really know why I brought so much canned food, instant noodles, soup mixes and etc. Back home, I seldom have them too. I had my Maggie assam laksa last month. First time in about fifteen years? NO JOKES. Oh gosh.. I am old >< Hahaha… Oh well, I guess after that pair of Joules wellies (it is the cute and chic type Autumn 2013 line-up!!! =D Not the Bob the builder type! haha), I shall rest my pocket and spend wisely.

I think getting better quality food is justifiable especially when you enjoy it. I tried few kinds of bread and I only found one that I like. Well, at three times the price of Tesco’s. But then I buy a loaf once a fortnight? And it feels dreadful to eat the bread that you do not like! Same goes for the milk I am drinking now. I tried Poundland’s which is cheap at GBP1 but it has a weird taste. I am having a better one which I refuse to change. But if the price goes any higher, I might try Tesco’s milk. My friends have all been drinking Tesco and think it is fine. Well, one day =P

And I find the Mediterranean deli warps so good! I will re-consider buying them again =D And I bought COOKED chicken wings again =D Save time and it is easy, can be eaten cold or hot. Life of a lazy person hahaha… If I buy raw meat (there are chances I have difficulty chopping them up, refer to this — https://unordinaire.wordpress.com/2013/11/13/of-online-shopping-and-risk/ ) and I need to waste time doing that and to cook! I get some pre-cooked meat (whatever with being unhealthy =P), I save time and it will turn out to be about the same cost (maybe just slightly more expensive) and my time is definitely more expensive ><

And I got some mint sauce [I was deciding about mint jelly and mint sauce and guess what did I do? HAHA… I randomly walked up to an old woman and ask her about it. And I stick to her preference – mint sauce! =D I have yet to try it out ;-)] Thinking of how hard to get the lamb chopped into pieces. Having it with some mint sauce with aglio olio spaghetti! YUMS. That is my next project. Perhaps in two weeks’ time? Hehe

I am now wondering, what if few years down the road, I re-read my blog posts and realised I am fretting over such problems, spending a little extra on food and clothing, saving to travel etc. Will I laugh at myself? Will I be angry at myself? Hmm… I hope few years down the road, I do not have to care about these and can comfortably live a carefree life =P Being self-sufficient enough to just spend as I like ❤ *Utopia*

Then again, I am not complaining, I am living in a new city (or rather, village) HAHA… And I am enjoying a new phase of life 😉

Feeling blessed,

The one who should learn to be more thrifty!


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