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Of food and wastage

I grew up cleaning up my plate and this means to take only what I can finish. My grandmother dislikes us wasting food. I mean, nobody likes wasting food, right? Especially what she had been through to give her kids and us, the more she highly values money.

Well, you all can get the sort of idea: food = money, money = food. But of course, my grandmother is never stingy. She is thrifty but not stingy. Ahh… I diverged. Sorry, I do miss my grandmother a lot now. I grew to appreciate her more after my grandfather’s departure. Obviously, I am not filial =C I will learn to be better. Anyway, let’s get back to what I was going to talk about…

I did not realise I have small food portioning (I wouldn’t be sure if this is small appetite given how I get hungry about every four hours). Very unbelievable given how fat I am. I always insist I eat too often with small food portioning so it is the same as a big portion HAHA. I started realising this when I stayed in Paris. Then when I moved to Sunway, I realised this more. Or perhaps the food portions are really big. I tend to waste food if I ordered ala carte. I couldn’t share because I always thought I can finish the food. And I feel guilty having people eat my leftovers. Then again, when with close friends, I slowly cleared that guilty barrier. I try to share but sometimes the lesser on the plate, the more I crave! Tskkk… But when it comes to eating in a group, sharing many main dishes, I mostly tend to be the one eating lesser.

And a year or so down the road, I learnt to clean up my plate. Well, sometimes with some help. And I learnt to share the food so I can have more variety. I apply this very well with Michelle and Jasmine. My size grew with the stomach capacity even though I never reached the godly appetite of many whom I know have flexible stomachs! With this said, I still prefer eating ala carte than buffet (I join buffet for the fun of it, knowing I cannot eat what is worth but compensated for the variety. Given that they are not so yummy, I thus prefer ala carte. Well, all with exceptions =P Fickle minded).

When I went back to Brunei, gosh. The food pampering almost killed me. Always high calories, once I am full I stop but then once I am not that full, I continue.. that vicious cycle! And cannot deny some effects from medicines perhaps? Now in UK, I realised how my food portion is still always 1/2 to 3/4 of others! I used to waste food and now I have a different mindset, especially when good food does not come easily and not cheap either. I force myself to clean up my plate when nobody is there to help. When I cook, I do not know how to do portioning properly. I end up having a small pot of the same meal lasting two weeks (because I cannot bear eating the same thing everyday for a week) and others can probably finish them in two/three meals? I now learnt to just cook and share with friends and flatmates. It feels so satisfying. Then again, I should probably budget my money again =P Meat tend to be so expensive here. Those who know me will know I prefer vegetables/fruits to meat but will still crave for meat at times. When I do crave, I go on meat shopping spree. Crazily enough, at one point, I have 10 portions of pork loins, 8 portions of minced pork, 15 portions of chicken, 10 portions of lamb, a 300g pack of chicken nuggets (which can make two meals if I just have the nuggets), two 550g cooked chicken wings (five-six meals if I just have the chicken wings), four breaded fish (fish and chips’s size =.=) (one slice with fries and vege for a meal), a pack of fish fingers in a pack (4 fish fingers for a sandwich or with fries) and two packs of 20 seafood sticks (well, crabsticks as I used to know it since young =P). Oh and a pack of pork puffs (50 pieces, I just opened and cooked 15. Each about 2cm by 2cm and I realised I can eat ten! So, that’s five portions!)

Since last few weeks, I have stopped eating much vegetables as I have to clear the meat before holiday! =O Luckily Reese is coming, well, I might have bought a little more just because I know she is the opposite of me. And I finally got more vegetables. Having her eat the meat means I can now have more vegetables *blessed* Now in my freezer are: 4 portions of lamb, the pack of chicken nuggets, pork puffs, one pack of seafood sticks, 6 portions of chicken and 8 portions of pork! I plan to at least clear the lamb, pork and chicken within four meals with Reese and some friends.

I wonder what will my reaction be when I re-read this few years down the road? I remember when I was in Paris, I used to over-stock on meat too haha. I really cherished the independence I learnt in Paris. *thankful* I will try not to get so much meat next time. Despite wanting the variety, perhaps I can buy smaller portions? Will I ever learn the lesson? Hahaha… Another thing I have to learn is portioning when cooking. I do not want to make my tummy suffer by finishing what I can’t but it will be so wasteful. I have been refraining from getting frozen pizzas because the thought of heating one up yet can only finish half is daunting. They are rather cheap with the regular ones at £1 and tastes totally awesome (according to my flatmates) but that’s if you get from Asda. Tesco ones are slightly more expensive at £1.50 – £2? Of course, there are more expensive ones, depending on what brand/range you want to get. I mostly shop at Tesco and perhaps in April will change to Asda and shop with flatmates? =D Hmmm.. perhaps I can get pizza! Nobody can resist pizzas if I offer, right? Teehee

So much more to learn… and successfully learnt that food shared is always tastier and lovelier!

The one who aims to be a better person.

P.S. I am enjoying the huge amount of hugs the people here give me upon request. The comfort of having friends when you are thousand of miles apart from family. It is ironic though that we do not hug one another within the family, or even with best friends. UK allowed me to re-immerse in the Parisian culture? Ahhh… I should quickly continue writing my essay =X


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