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Of CNY and University

UK education system and Australian education system are definitely very different and one of them is the holidays. With Monash, I get to enjoy Chinese New Year before the semester starts. But with Nottingham, I have to be away from home and study. The first week of second semester is quite intense. It started right after the exams without any holidays. 

Exams? All is well except for one paper which I am sure I failed. I am very lucky to have Dr Erik as my course manager and also my supervisor. I do not know why he has such confidence in me telling me that my worries now are unnecessary. And he said I have been performing well, and for one of his courseworks, I am one of the high scorers. That did not actually lighten up my mood much because I really do not want to fail anything. He said I can informally talk to the lecturer about that. I did not cause it would not change my results anyway. I only have myself to blame for the poor performance. I simply could not concentrate to study at all.

I have four exams and the exams were held after a month long holiday (Christmas and New Year), with no holiday to look forward to. I simply was not motivated. For the three papers that I think I did good, I studied the night before if it was a morning exam and the morning itself if it is an afternoon paper. The last paper which is also the paper I did poorly, I spent one and a half days (comparatively, more time than the others) yet I did so badly. The lecturers were not kind too in setting the paper. Others find it hard too. I just hope the marks will be readjusted (will they?)

I have long decided that since I cannot change the fact of me doing badly in that paper, I shall let bygones be bygones. It wasn’t that hard with my nice friends and acquaintances company. I just hope that the results will be out soon and I can make a full closure. I was not to blog about this. Ahh… sorry, I digressed. I held myself off blogging because I was lazy =P

Decided it is time to pen down some words in memory of what is in my mind at this very moment. Everyone back home happily celebrating CNY and I am here having an intense week filled with lectures. I already have to prepare some reports/essays and also loads of field trips. Well, I am not complaining about the field trips, I love them! This is the best thing about joining this course, I get to go to many actual work sites/labs where my studies are really put into application. And I get the chance to visit places not open to public even! I am ecstatic about them! 

This year will definitely be a year where I can learn a lot. Yet, more worries come. When I finally graduate, will I be able to apply them at work? Will I want to work? Will I work in the field of my study? Will I continue studying? Do I really want a PhD? Is PhD necessary? There are just oh-so-much questions hanging around. Perhaps just let nature takes its course?

Life is so full of excitements and unpredictable occurrences. Maybe it is the unpredictability of the future that makes it so exciting. The very first time I am spending CNY overseas and also having no expectation for my birthday. I do not feel like there is any point celebrating my birthday here with “friends”. I do not feel like I have any true friends here. I miss my friends so much. Or is this what you call, absence/distance makes the heart grows fonder? I cannot wait to travel again~ (Yeah, I am still travelling but not as much as I would love to).

And last year, the best thing that happened was definitely having the chance to see my grandmother get treated in time and now all healthy =) Secondly would be being able to re-acquaint with my uncle. Thirdly, of course is my grandmother and uncle meeting once again after more than a decade. I hope the reunion can happen every year with my grandmother being healthy… many many years to come ❤ Life is so fragile. Thinking back how my grandmother nearly slipped through our hands felt so surreal. I am so glad she is so strong and well now =)

As for this year, I do not know what holds but I am hoping I will have much much more great experiences and learn to be more mature/independent.


Life is good,

The girl who is oh-so-blessed.


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