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A possible case of food poisoning?

~Midnight: woke from being unwell

~00.07: drank Vit C

00.10: vomitted 1, feels cold 

00.19: diarrhoea 1, shivering 

00.36: body temperature 37.3C, body feels warm

00.49: diarrhoea 2, shivering 

00.56: two sips of water 

01.05: vomitted 2, feels slightly better 

01.07: two sips of water 

01.16: cold, shivering

Slept and woke at 6.30am to a growling stomach! Sense of hunger means recovered?


Horrible horrible~

The one who hates vomitting





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Of life and uni

Been ages since I was here I guess! haha…

It is the busy times now. And it is time like this that I feel like I should pen down something =P

I should not forget about living and enjoying life amidst all these busyness. 

Just yesterday I wanted to blog about this certain feeling but procrastinated. Then now I remembered again. If I do not do it now, I think I will let it slip my mind again like how many other times previously! haha

The lazy bug in me never dies. My room is a mess. Laundry basket is full but my wardrobe is still half full (unlike last semester) — this can only mean one thing! I SHOPPED TOO MUCH. GOSH. I am stopping that! SAVE MONEYYYYYYY!

Anyway, just yesterday… I was feeling super blessed. Well, I do feel bless. Just yesterday, I felt super blessed. Being where I am now and doing what I am doing now. I can’t complain, can I? I am looking forward to enjoying the third semester – the best I reckon? I cannot wait to be in lab and glasshouse learning things first-hand!

I do have something I want to do in 2015. I am not sure how realistic but I do know if I do not go ahead, it will never be realised! Just keep it for myself at the moment, I do not want to jinx myself like I always do =P

Life now is busy but happy. I am loving it. It is times like these that flies. I won’t ask it to slow down because I am the one who should take things easy and enjoy =D I want to travel after all these too. SAVE MONEY =D Well, anyone who wants to sponsor a poor student to travel around is most welcome too =P

Very busy, going to rush away soon! 

Oh.. and I am doing a part time. I do not consider it a job cause I am enjoying talking to the new students. Though that means Skyping with people at odd hours and tending to people who just do not stick to the arranged time! Life’s is really good. Thank you to everyone and myself xP

The one who can’t exaggerate enough about how blessed she is!

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