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Of 2015

Hello! Been such a long time I haven’t come over and drop myself some message…

It is now 2015 and what have happened?

– Back from UK and went to visit grandmother as she was admitted to hospital. All good now and she is back home. Visited her a few more times thereafter and it feels great to see her smile or when she actually responds to me talking =)

– Down with severe allergic rhinitis and ended up being in the hospital on the second day of being back home

– Broke up with him (slightly less than a year..)

– Still jobless, hence went to KK, Malaysia for a short trip

– Back to baking/cooking: 1. Made some one pot meals: tomato rice, pumpkin chicken rice, mushroom rice… so convenient. Will try out one pot pasta meals soon. 2. Made nyonya kuihs successfully – actually just kuih lapis, seri muka and chai kueh (is chai kueh nyonya?). 3. Baked about five breads using new bread machine!!! =D 4. Made green tea and cheese swiss roll and now contemplating to make more (I did not realise there is actually a can of whipped cream in the fridge, and proceeded to make my own cream — butter was so salty the cream ended up being so salty HAHA). 5. Made agar-agar for my baby sister birthday and this reminds me of gel electrophoresis. I guess I am a workaholic afterall. These seemed like quite a lot of baking and cooking within just two weeks! HAHA

– I finally got to see the specialists (such long bookings. Should have asked someone to make the bookings for me a month before I get back to Brunei TT). It is such a pain cause most of my medications can only be prescribed by specialists >< I actually just saw Dr Sabrina (Dermatologist) – thank you Brunei government for my free head-to-toe medications, Dr Helin (ENT) – finally got my fix of Flixonase and applying to get a new medications only available if you are a citizen and only limited to special cases, will take up to half a year so *fingers crossed* I get them too (actually I know I will get it just as I did with Dr Sabrina HAHA), and also see a new doctor (did not get her name) for the allergies around my eyes triggered by the allergic rhinitis. More doctor visits coming along – early February: rheumatologist (Dr Margaret); mid March: Dr Chung (Gastroenterology) and Dr Sabrina; early April (Dr Helin). I quite dread the Dr Margaret one — blood test blood test =C Yes, I guess I am seeing too many doctors. Dr Sabrina always cannot stop exclaiming the number of specialists I am seeing. HAHA. Positive positive!

– Anticipating a guest from Malaysia. I feel sad and disappointed. I do welcome friends to visit me. Seriously. But the fact that I cannot drive and do not really know Brunei well made me really sad. I wish they will come when I am more prepared. I do not know why I do not know Brunei well enough. Most probably I have been abroad a little too much and when I come back, I do not bother to go out much =C I should try to be more active! Anyway, hoping my guest will have an enjoyable short stay =D

Thinking how my new house/room should be like,

The one who is still unemployed but buying a house =.=


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