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Of gold/white and black/blue

HA! I did not give it much thought when I saw it on FB/Instagram. I first saw gold/white.

Then Ann Whatsapp-ed me and asked me what colour it was. I said gold/white and within seconds (literally), I saw black/blue! MINDFUCKED. HAHAHAHA.. I panicked a little and turned to GOOGLE.

Thank god for Google…somewhere someone explained as such:

Blue and Black: Your retina’s cones are more high functioning, and this results in your eyes doing subtractive mixing. White and Gold: Our eyes don’t work well in dim light so our retinas rods see white, and this makes them less light sensitive, causing additive mixing, (that of green and red), to make gold.

Phew…. Now, I can continue with my life.

LOL. What is all this fuss about?

The one who got back her sanity.


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Of productivity in kitchen!

Woah~ That awesome feeling! HAHA

Today is definitely a productive day. Hmm.. what did I do?

1. 70 peanut cookies

2. 100 coco oat cookies

3. Two loaves of biscotti

4. Two small jars of cashews for my dad (baked a large jar of peanuts yesterday for aunt)

I guess I shall call it a day. I might go crazy and do more things later hahaha..

Last night was super productive and tiring too. I juiced all six bunches of pandan leaves and freeze them. I also prepared the flour for my kuih bangkit. And as mentioned in previous post (I think I did mention HAHA)… made cassava kuih and kuih talam for my dad to sell.

I am actually contemplating to make some sausage buns. Using tang zhong method. SHOULD I?

Trying to improve baking and cooking skills,

The one who is sweating like a pig in the kitchen.

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Of more baking and cooking~

HAHA! Well, I do not know why. I am inclined to write a blog post recently and so here I am.

Just wanted to update what I did. Memory has really failed~

I am still pretty much doing nothing, hence always having fun in the kitchen. It is good too that my dad owns a restaurant and that CNY is getting nearer. I made some kuihs again, kuih talam and tapioca kuih (other than re-making chai kuih, kuih lapis and kuih seri muka). They have been selling my kuihs and they are selling well. Err.. I actually make a small square tray only, perhaps that is why. HAHA.. ohhh and I also made a half-assed kaya, too lazy to stand for a further half an hour to cook it longer. It was already 4.30am then. HAHA

I plan to bake some kuih bangkit, peanut cookies and pineapple tarts (including cooking the pineapple filling myself) this coming days. CNY is getting nearer and perhaps my goodies can go to close friends. It takes so much effort to bake… only for families and close friends =P

This CNY should bring me new hopes and experiences =)

The one who craves to experience more ❤

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