Of more baking and cooking~

HAHA! Well, I do not know why. I am inclined to write a blog post recently and so here I am.

Just wanted to update what I did. Memory has really failed~

I am still pretty much doing nothing, hence always having fun in the kitchen. It is good too that my dad owns a restaurant and that CNY is getting nearer. I made some kuihs again, kuih talam and tapioca kuih (other than re-making chai kuih, kuih lapis and kuih seri muka). They have been selling my kuihs and they are selling well. Err.. I actually make a small square tray only, perhaps that is why. HAHA.. ohhh and I also made a half-assed kaya, too lazy to stand for a further half an hour to cook it longer. It was already 4.30am then. HAHA

I plan to bake some kuih bangkit, peanut cookies and pineapple tarts (including cooking the pineapple filling myself) this coming days. CNY is getting nearer and perhaps my goodies can go to close friends. It takes so much effort to bake… only for families and close friends =P

This CNY should bring me new hopes and experiences =)

The one who craves to experience more ❤


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