Of productivity in kitchen!

Woah~ That awesome feeling! HAHA

Today is definitely a productive day. Hmm.. what did I do?

1. 70 peanut cookies

2. 100 coco oat cookies

3. Two loaves of biscotti

4. Two small jars of cashews for my dad (baked a large jar of peanuts yesterday for aunt)

I guess I shall call it a day. I might go crazy and do more things later hahaha..

Last night was super productive and tiring too. I juiced all six bunches of pandan leaves and freeze them. I also prepared the flour for my kuih bangkit. And as mentioned in previous post (I think I did mention HAHA)… made cassava kuih and kuih talam for my dad to sell.

I am actually contemplating to make some sausage buns. Using tang zhong method. SHOULD I?

Trying to improve baking and cooking skills,

The one who is sweating like a pig in the kitchen.


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