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Of cryotherapy and research study

Today I went for my first ever cryotherapy session. Well it was supposed to be a one off thing according to Dr Datin Sabrina but the nurse said I have to come in every three weeks for at least three times =S I wouldnt have mind actually if it wasn’t painful! Dr Datin Sabrina said it will be a stinging feel but nothing worse. The nurse said it will definitely be painful. I was so afraid but in the end, it was bearable had the pain just last for few seconds. Gosh.. It lasted more than an hour! Oh well!

Before the cryotherapy, I was called in by this “junior doctor”. Well I thought she was a medical student in the clinic for clinical lessons or whatsoever. I have had many juniors in a room with my doctor staring and discussing about me hahaha but that was one off. Their learning specimens. Anyway, I seen her a few times recently when I am back to the routine reviews in the clinic. And when she called me in, I thought she will be doing the procedure. How wrong! She was to do a research on metabolism and psoriatic patients. No, I am not psoriatic :p I am one of the control patients hahaha It feels good to be able to help.

Generate some useful inputs,

The one who feels great to contribute a little to the research


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Of poop

Seriously, I meant poop! I did my business just now and suddenly thought, probably I should keep a poop diary! I came back from my gastroenterologist the other day with a good feedback saying he shall meet me end of the year only instead of a monthly or quarterly review!!! 😀 And to schedule me for another colonoscopy only in 2016! 🙂

In between these many many months, I should take notice of the pattern of my bowel movement and also my poop itself! Haha… And seeing how my memory always fail myself, perhaps I should look for an app to record my bowel movement!!!

Just to record that eureka moment haha,

The one who is beyond happy 😉

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