Of cauterization

Was always “threatened” with cauterizationwas but never wanted it cause I am so afraid of pain..even the slightest one. I think my pain tolerance threshold increased tremendously over the last five-six years but the thought of unnecessary pain is unbearable. Don’t describe how you got hurt to me. The process is an arduous and painful one for me!

So finally the day has come. Two raw spots inside my nose.. Result of the bleedy leaky nose! See! I said it is NOT pimple. Rare thing to even find a pimple on my face.. What more INSIDE my nose hahaha Local anaesthetic did help a lot I guess given that I felt numb yet it still stings so much. Can’t imagine it without the anaesthetic. Now the spray perhaps has got to my throat, nose only a numb nose but also numb throat like when I get mild allergies to kiwi on tongue and throat hahaha.. Actually it is not that painful. Laid my head back and swabbed with silver nitrate! All done within minutes.

Oh and a good news! My special medicine (not special as in rare but as in need approval from government to specially order the medicines for us – need to be a citizen for this) has been approved and I officially got the medicine now (yay to free medicines :D) haha

I’m a very strong person,

The one who is extremely blessed!


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