Of denial

Haven’t been able to really focus on work. Heck..not even sleeping well! Perhaps I do get the sleep I need but I dislike how I spent so many hours before sleep thinking about all those “what ifs”… Not sure if I am hurting but I don’t think I should let this go on. I will regain my foothold and re-focus on whatever I should be doing!

The first priority now is get back the strong drive and re-focus on my work. Stop thinking (no, not over-thinking..just don’t think about it!). I can’t help it when there are things reminding me all the time and it doesn’t help if everyone who sees me ask me about it 😦

I am avoiding as much as I can but I can’t bring myself to throw some stuff away (just yet). I really need to re-focus and distract myself! I have so much to look forward to: Rui’s wedding, bonding session with Rita/Agata, moving back to campus, new role, PEPG workshop, Harry Potter show! I must try my best! 🙂 I can do it!!! 🙂

The one not wanting to live in denial and a broken heart.


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