Of my ugly mind

I am not ashamed to say I have lots of evil thoughts. I feel ashamed when people say I am nice and it gives me great pressure to live up to the word “nice”. Maybe you will think that I am being too hard on myself. Oh well.. I guess I have to live with my own monster, not you. 

I always try to think the best of people but there are times (sometimes too many times), that I felt some negativity about some other people. I never give myself the chance to put a full stop there. I still let myself interact more with the person (certainly not going out of the way to do that. Will just do so if situations allow). 

Today I cried again. It is really my hormones!! I cry too easily 😦 there is this girl whom I thought harbour a time-bomb. Definition of time-bomb must have been discussed somewhere in a previous blog post of something. Anyway, I used to be like that so I can see it in her. Today I told her about it and found out the true reasons (well, at least this meant that what I felt was real). And her stories (or rather memories) brought her to tears and subsequently, me to tears. Just because I cannot stand seeing people tear up. 

We shall never judge one’s journey.. No matter how easy or how hard it is for others because we are never (and can never) truly walking in their shoes. Reminding of myself few quotes on being kind. I don’t know the exact authors at the moment, Google will help but I am not going it now. Haha

– You always have a choice. Always choose to be kind. I think this is attributed to Dalai Lama. Don’t quote what I typed here. Haha

– Always be kind as you never know the war one is fighting. Maybe by Ralph Emerson? Again, don’t quote me.

The one who tries to be more emphatic and kind when possible.


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