Of why I wrote…

Just this very moment, I suddenly remembered why I started writing this blog. It was not only to share the memories with friends and keep them posted about what I am doing but also because I have a terrible memory.

I would diligently write daily regardless of how hectic I was. And I do not know when and why (perhaps just that I grew up and prioritise other things, or that I felt people who can read about my everything made me very vulnerable…) I gradually wrote less and less.

I have such bad memory (I do not even know if I want to do something about it) that I cannot remember things I did just this morning or yesterday. But at times certain memories will came back into my mind. I feel embarrassed too that I cannot remember the names/faces of the people I might have met recently. I feel bad when people asked me something I actually read about but could only say maybe, perhaps, or so… (especially my supervisor).

Then it just struck me, why must I remember everything? If something is memorable, it will automatically stick. some memories fade with time anyway. If I have to remember everything, is that not so tiring?

Keeping life as simple as it can be,

The one who yearns for memorable memories.



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