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Of who drives me…

Probably a few things drive me to work hard and achieve things I thought I would not be able to. But I would want to note down one of the most important people in my life who is behind who I am and whom I will be…

I cannot feel prouder to tell how he is the man I look up to – since forever. He instilled discipline and integrity in me – and he does it via minimal talking and lots of actions. He always give without wanting anything in return. He thinks that me being a functional and happy being in this world is the best thing and he wants nothing more than that for me. I am super grateful for that.

Every time we talk, it was always about whether I am happy and comfortable doing what I am doing. He has high hopes for me and I am secretly thinking he felt like he pushed me to do what I am doing now. Hence his worry that I am not living my own life… rest assured, I am doing what I had wanted to and could not have asked for a better decision back then. And his words helped me make this decision which I would definitely have regretted had I not done it. 

He would also try to find out if I really do have enough money to maintain a lifestyle that I enjoy (which is never really the same since I don’t/will never have a household helper here lol), whether I am working too hard and not enjoying my moments… I know my family can provide me with an easy life without me having to work so hard (not that I work really hard, I just work a little harder than I would usually do). But.. he has always taught us to be independent, especially being away from family… Perhaps when he realised I am a little too independent, his heart breaks a little… perhaps it is just a little too long that I haven’t been home (time really flies by when you are busy!!)

It is just that now it is spring and I have to start getting things ready for the warmer season. My plants love it and I need them to love it. Haha.. I really do enjoy doing what I am doing! Anyway, we were getting another dyson (handheld one this time around), then he realised I am not asleep at 1am, he gave me a quick call before going to work (he was warming up his car..) to make sure I go to sleep soon. Remember the times when my sister and I get shoo-ed into our rooms and to our beds when it is after 10pm. Haha.. my sister and I would sneak out of our beds to watch midnight shows/repeats. Haha.. while fearing that he will come out then annoyed that we are not sleeping! He cares and loves so much…the unconditional love. He gave me my everything, my world.

The one who will try to live in the moment more.


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