The Secrets

With WordPress, I could actually come up with password-protected posts. I do not know how often I would do such a post but I just might.

Whoever wishes to read, just contact me privately (MSN/Facebook/Gmail etc) but please do NOT leave a comment under this page asking for it. The reason is obvious as to why NOT, right? And please be aware, I would share only if I feel really like sharing it. Otherwise it would not be password protected. You can always try to ask for it though.

If I ever let you read that protected post, it would be a mutual trust that you keep it to yourself rather than sharing the password around, right? If I do not give you the password, I really hope you do not feel offended. It is just a matter of privacy and degree of closeness and trust as friends.

Anyway, I know that there are people who would want to read just about anything. And there are also people who would wish to see the bright side of things only. So, its better to lock the some sad ones up. I cannot promise I will lock all angry and depressing posts up though. Depends on my mood of sharing.

Sometimes, I might also want to post something just meant for myself, my certain few close ones or a certain group. Or maybe I deem my post unsuitable for some who could never learn to agree to disagree? So, the more the reason to have password protected posts.

Not wanting to live in secrets but yet its part of life,

The one, like everyone, has a whole cupboard of secrets still unspilt.


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